doan thi diem junior high school enrolling  students grade 6

school year: 2013 - 2014




I/ Enrolling conditions:

          Doan Thi Diem Junior high school enrolls the students who satisfy the following conditions:

-  Being either Vietnamese or foreign students at the age of 11 ( born in 2002) living in Vietnam and having completed primary currcula with good grades during primary school.

 - Having regular papers issued by The Department of Education and Training.

- Applying  the enrolling form issued by Doan Thi Diem school

- Agreeing to all the enrolling rules of the school.

 II/ Enrolling target:     

       The school plans to recruit 20 classes including: 15 classes at campus 1 and 5 classes at campus 2 ( 30 – 32 students each class).   Details:

  -  05 intensive classes ( 03 English intensive classes; 02 Math intensive classes and 1 Literature – English intensive class). 

 - 14 English enhanced classes ( Among those: 05 classes study Math and Science in Singaporean books; 1 class study Math, Science and Literature in American books.)

-  1 French enhanced class ( at least 20 enrollees)

 III/ Enrolling procedures: 

          The students are  admitted to school straightly without taking entrance exams or by passing the entrance exams.

1.  Admission without exams:

          The students can be admitted to school if they meet one of the following conditions:

- Have won the first, the second or the third prize in the exams held by The Department of Education and training.

- Have won Gold Medal in Sports, Performances … in the competitions held by Province Government.

* The students who are admitted straightly have the right to choose any Ordinary classes (before June 11th 2013).  In case enrolling the Intensive classes, those students will have to take the Intensive Exam.

 2. Entrance examination and recruitment: 

*Entrance examination scores:  Include  Math Exam, Literature exam, English exam and Intensive exam. Each lasts 60 minutes.  

* Encouraging Scores: Each level at primary school with Excellent result, the student will get 0.5 Encouraging score. Each former Doan Thi Diem Primary school student gets 2.0 Encouraging scores

* Recruiment Scores = Entrance examination scores + Encouraging Scores

- The Recruiting Council check from the highest scores students downwards till recruiting enough students for grade 6.

- For Singaporean Classes: The students  are required to have 7.0 minimum scores for each Test.

- For Intensive classes: The students  are required to have 6.0 minimum scores for Intensive test.

 IV/ Studying places: 

 - Campus 1:  Mỹ Đình 1 - Từ Liêm - Hà Nội

-  Campus 2:  North Cổ Nhuế- Chèm  - Từ Liêm - Hà Nội

 V/ Enrolling schedule:

-  Issuing Enrolling Form: From March 17th 2013 till June 3rd 2013.

-  Collecting Enrolling forms: From May 17th till June 3rd 2013.

Collecting the papers of the students atmitted straightly: Before June 4th 2013.

       -  Entrance exam schedule:

                   + June 5th 2013: Vietnamses, Math and English exams.

                        +  June 6th 2013: Intensive exams.

-  Recruiting Result Announcement: From June 9th till June 15th 2013

-  Gathering the recruits:  7.30 a.m July 16th 2013.








Prof. Dang Quoc Thong



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