When studying poetry in American books and learning how to write poems, the students in class 6M showed much interest in writing rhythm poems. The followings are some poems written by students in class 6M.



                                     LIFE ON STAR IN THE FUTURE   By  Mia (Van Anh)



There is a life on the star

I know that idea is so far

But I hope it will come true

With someone new


On the star there’ll be some restaurants

With the boss whose name is Laurant

We will meet some aliens

We willbecomefamily


Ont the Earth, people will see

On the star,people including me



WISH OF MINE - By Emily ( Khanh Linh)


Now it’s already twilight    

I lookatmysterious moon

Marvellous silver moonlight

 Things have appeared and some sight

Of shooting stars will come very soon

Bringing our wishes so far

I keep wishing more and more

And hope the best – I’m waiting for



THE BEAR - By Nghi  

This morning, I was chased by a bear

A bear that had no fear

I tried to shoot it with my bow

But it just ducked really low


He stood up and ran after me

As far as a flying bee

I ran to a boat to sail away

But there was a price  I had to pay


I bought the boat with two nickles

As the fear made my feet tickle

The bear had a faster boat

As fast as a running goat


I tried to sail away

But the wind blew my way 

Soon the bear caught me for dinner

But instead he gave me his sinner



 MY CAT - By Peter ( Doan Hung)

Yesterday I saw a cat

She was wearing a hat

So nice that I came near

But she made me fear




So I ran far far away

She chased me all the way

I stopped and looked at the neck

It showed her name is “ Shrek”


Her parents died yesterday

I felt poor and let her stay

Then I built her a new house

With a cotton small mouse





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