Friends sayings

Friends sayings

There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
the ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships
are friendships,
                        and may they always be

May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies and quick to make friends.             Know  nothing but happiness from this day forward!


Lord, if I can't be skinny, please let all my friends be fat


  My friends are the best friends - loyal, willing and able.
                             Now let's get to drinking! All glasses off the table!


       Here's to you, here's to me,
                             the best of friends we'll always be.
                             But if we ever disagree,
                             forget you here's to me!


       The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky,
                             the rose may kiss the butterfly,
                             the morning due may kiss the grass,
                             but you my friend may kiss my lips!


  A smile is a language that even a baby understands


  May your home always be too small to hold all your friends









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